Tuesday, October 4, 2011

done with MUET-UM level


fuh..alhamdulillah! at last i manage to finish my muet speaking test jussst now (to be frank,actually this post finished around 1030am but then i saved them as draft and do sth else.heh.well i'm an expert.expert procrastinator)  I might said that this time,alhamdullilah i got a quite easy question.Pointed as candidate A (as my name comes first in the attendance list -.-') the situation given to me was on how to attract more students to join English Language Society.And the point that i must elaborate was -the club must hold an exhibition for new members to know activities carried out by the club.

The question was simple yet i failed to elaborate more because i only got two points in my hand when the invigilator asked me to start.gagagaga!what to do,just proceed lah.That time (act from the very beginning i stepped into the room) i was very nervous that my hands were very cold as if i was grasping a block of ice! I just cant simply understand why i am soo nervous.i have been practising days and nights.am i lack of confidence?

hmmmm...yes you are...

For task B which is group discussion,alhmdulliah..everybody seemed to be less nervous and more relaxed.(because i bet everyone is actually worried for their task A only-individual representation)
the flow of the discussion went like they always do-someone gives opinion-proposes-agree-disagree-reasons-end with one best point-conclude-finish ;)

so, for the next muet speaking test which mine is on 13 october (just a few days left :( i really really hope that i will be grouped with other candidates which have the same level with me.huhu.because i feel verrry awkward to speak with people whom i know they are much much better than me (i know this is not good) and surely my nervousness will be worst.You need to be more confident nani! huuh

"In this imperfect world, nothing is as simple as we'd like it to be"

p/s: early in the morning,i called papa and he said, "being nervous is ok.but dont too much" hihi..;) and one more thing,sorry for the grammar mistakes ;p

Sunday, October 2, 2011

bacalah al-Quran

Rasululllah saw ada menerangkan fadhilat bagi pembaca al-quran.Antaranya termasuklah:
  • -membaca al-quran adalah berdialog dengan Allah
  • -mendapat kemuliaan di sisi Allah swt setelah para nabi
  • -mendapat tempat di syurga bersama para rasul
  • -mendapat syafaat al-Quran di hari kiamat
  • -satu huruf al-Quran mempunyai satu kebaikan yang pahalannya bernilai sepuluh kebaikan

Rasulullah saw juga menganjurkan umatnya membaca dan memahami al-Quran.Sabda baginda:
  • -"Sebaik-baik orang ialah yang mempelajari al-Quran dan mengajarkannya"
  • -"Tidak boleh iri kecuali kepada orang yang memahami al-Quran serta mengamalkannya siang dan  malam"
  • -"Ibadah umatku yang paling utama ialah membaca al-Quran"
  • -"Terangilah rumahmu dengan solat dan membaca al-Quran"
  • -"Al-Quran adalah hidangan Allah swt,janganlah kamu menjauhinya"
sumber bacaan: majmu' syarif kamil.