Monday, January 16, 2012

tips for those who are stressed

I've tried it. It really works on me :D

so for those who are stressed out there, lets try this. All u need is just A PENCIL!

p/s: it reminds me to one of the best advices i got from my best fren.that time i was in great trouble.
that nice person told me,

 "It is all about your mind"

i stopped and realised..yep buddy,ure totally right :)


Muhammad Iqbal said...

alamak, pensel patah,,, hihi :p

Syed Muhammad said...

terlekat air liur kat pensel tu cik nani~

Muhammad Iqbal said...

20 feb : Selamat Hari lahir :)

razif said...

nani,bila nk update?dah berhabuk dh ni..hehe.. ;D

NAni said...

wksalam.minta maaf razif tak smpat dh nak berbloging serius byk bnda nk tulis :P insyaAllah hbis final nnt free sket kot(kot)btw thanks:)

~remedy~ said...

nani (pronounce nanny ye)..lamo x denga kecek klate:D