Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hottest songs from Sami Yusuf !!

I've just got these songs from my brother who is Sami Yusuf's fanatic fan.And of course the way he loves music has influenced me too : ) Recently he got the latest album of Sami Yusuf with the title "Wherever you are" (Perhaps he is the first man in Malaysia who gets the original album straight away from Jordan!)

The songs are very inspiring!I only choose certain songs which I think the best.Here it is, Salaam,Make Me Strong and No Word Is Worthy.Such a beautiful voice and beautiful words!Enjoy ^^


Make Me Strong

No Word Is Worthy-contains Malay's version at the end of the song!


shirou said...
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Shirou said...

eah, ada lagilah..

try dengar ini,

In Every Tear He is There
You Came to Me (English)

NAni said...

healing n you came to me sudah lma.
in every tear blum lg.nnt ana dengar k.syukran!

MiSs iiMa said...

lorr ingatkan tulis pasal kaktim, beria suh check.
ok je ayat nani..keep it up

NAni said...

haha.thanks k tim.nnt nani post,tgh cari ilham ni :D

Muhammad Iqbal said...

ana belum lagi mendengar kesemuanya,,,
Album: Wherever You Are (2010) by Sami Yusuf

NAni said...

try la dengar..sami yusuf n mher zain sama hebat :) eh btw nta ni ada brapa byk blog?

Muhammad Iqbal said...

ana ada 2 sahaja blog yang aktif, yang lagi dua, kdg2 sahaja yang update..

ini sahaja yang aktif: